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what dose it mean if yur menstrual cycle is only 5 days long?

4 answers
im trying to get pregnant my cycle is short but i have really bad cramps and my and my bf really want a baby so can yu help me i really really need help

answers (4)

that's a perfectly normal period. if you are unsure of your most fertile times, then have sex every other day.
Your menstrual cycle is the day your last period started to the day your next period started. I write mine down because i am irregular. Most women have periods every 28-32 days. If your period lasts five days that is perfectly normal. You can find ovulation predictors online that will predict your most fertile days. In fact, this website has one. Go to the fertility tab.
Yeah having a period that lasts 5 days is completely normal. thats how long mine was, before i got pregnant. I know some women who have periods that last 3 days & others who have & day long periods. If youre really trying hard to get pregnant its a good idea to have sex every other day & dont stress about it. just enjoy the trying part! If you want find an ovulation predicter online or even go buy one from the store. Good luck!
thanks i was just wondering because i have friends that last like 10 days long and my mom and sisters last 7 so i really wanted to know

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