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What To Expect When Being Induced Into Labor?

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So Monday, April 11th, was my due date.. the baby is head down in the birth canal but i'm still not dilating. So the doctor wants me to come in to the hospital on sunday night at 5:30 and they're gonna start the inducing.. and give me some pain meds to help me sleep that night and monday morning they're gonna crank things up ... What do i need to expect? Is it painful? how do they do it? i'm so nervous about it... What is it going to be like? How long will it take? and What are the chances that i might have to end up having a c-section? Please help me?!?! ~Amy~

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I have heard being induced is more painful and takes longer than when you go into labor naturally. They give you pitocin through I.V. My cousin used a breast pump and it helped her go into labor naturally because it causes a little cramping. Try that, hopefully it will help you go into labor. Good Luck!!
I had a weird pregnancy with my first and they tried to induce me three times......the third I guess was the charm.The contractions are more intense with the medication they give you, and it got so bad, that I had to ask for an epidural. I went into labor one night, and went in....they said to go back home...I was contracting regularly and everything....but they were dumb....I was up all night in pain...and then when we went back the next morning, they said okay, let's induce to speed things up....These contractions were a lot worse....We went in that morning, and I had my baby at 12:08 that evening....which I am not sure if that's much longer than a normal labor....I think I just had stupid doctors. I don't think I should have been given the medication the last time.
Labor is funny in that once your in it, you no longer worry about it and later the pain is more a thing of the past... I was induced twice...I have three kids and the first was too quick to have an epidural... Contractions were stronger with each child and the labor more rapid... I had two epidurals with induction and the first one was more painful as the epidural worked on only half my body... epidurals work by gravity so tell the nurse if you get one... it depends on your tolerance to pain and your reaction to pitocin... labor is one of those things that if you can focus on the fact that its temporary and an endurance run with a finite time, you may do better... In all my pregnancies, I thought pregnancy was worse than the labor, but i had preeclampsia with bedrest... I was so relieved to have the baby safe and out and have my body back to me...
I was induced and it ended in C section. I was not dialating at all once I reached 5 cm. Every person is different and I hope that yours will go much smoother than mine. It also depends on the c-section rate of your hospital and how you feel about the labor. You could choose to prolong it if you feel that you are progressing and there is no risk to your baby. Talk to your doc to see how he/shee feels about it. Be open to a c-section though just in case and remain as positive and calm as possible to help your baby relax through it as well.
I walked around dilated at 4cm for three weeks before my due date. I had irregular contractions all the time, we just couldn't get the ball rolling. I wanted to wait to go naturally but they weer worried about the baby's size. I'm petite and my daughter ended up being 8lbs 9oz. I went in at 9am and they broke my water and they waited a few hours and I dilated to 5cm. They gave me Pitocin a few hours later because I wasn't contracting any more. They gave me an epidural rigth after, so I really didn't feel much pain. I started pushing at 5:30 pm. By 10:00pm she hadn't moved an inch..she had her arm over her head and she was stuck on my pelvic bone. I ended up having a c-section:( I was bummed out about it but I was glad that they let me try to push at all because once I started dilating my dr. commented that I was small down there. Once you see your beautiful baby, though, it really doesn't matter how she got here...just that she is here.
I was induced at 38 weeks and once the petocin kicked in labor started really fast and contractions were ALOT stronger! I didnt get an epidural cuz im terrified of needles so I just had demerol, but it ended in emergency c-section because my uterus tore completley away from my body and they still have no idea why or what caused it. I hope you had better luck!!

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