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What is a good middle name for Mary?

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I want to call the baby by both MaryKate or MaryJo. Thanks for your help!

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I live in an Irish neighborhood and I know many names that start with Mary.  They may sound different at first, but MaryChris (her moms name was Christine), MaryFran (grandmothers name was Frances), MaryCate, MaryBeth, MaryEllen, MaryBridgette, MaryCarmen.  If I think of anymore people's names I will respond again.  Good luck, my friend is nameing her baby MaryBeth due in May and I love it!  =)
ElizabethMary Elizabeth.
Marylou, Maryjeanne
Rose! Mary Rose goes perfect together!
Mary Beth; Lynn; Ann; ... those are a few i can think of right now offhand.
Mary Jordan or Mary Caroline
Mary Louise :)
Mary Clare
Mary Faith
marie claire

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