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What happens if I get sick while pregnant? like a cold or the flu?

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What happens if I get the flu, or a cold or a sore throat while pregnant? because I heard that its not very good to be sick while your pregnant, and I'm just worried about if it ever were to happen, Because I know there arent alot of medicines that I'm able to take either, I just wanted to know how it effected the baby and if everything would be ok.

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Everything is fine. There's not alot of over the counter meds you can take but there's enough to get through. Also your doctor can prescribe a fair few meds to you. If you get a cold, you can get through it, drink plenty of warm and cold liquids, rest as much as possible, use a humidify with some eucalyptus oil in it (help with breathing and clearing nasal passages). Flus; drink plenty, as much as you can, gaive chicken broth if you are throwing up alot and diaherra then take some pedilyte (or gaterade) to help restore electrolytes. If it takes too mauch to the doctor.For pain you can take acetaminophen (tylenol). Don't take ibuprofen (advil) unless directed by the doctor.It's not too much to worry. I have been sick with different things and multiple times through out each of my pregnancies (3 of them). If you are unsure and needing to get something through the pharamacy ask the pharmaisist.

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