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What the heck is going on???

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so me and this guy have been on and off for about 4-5 years and on jan.8/12 he propoused and i said yes everything was going good untill now. He's goten very very jeoules of everyone i talk to. He wants to know who i talkd to and what we talkd about. I gave him my facebook password so he wont have anything to trip about but for some reason it aint enough. I dont know whats gong on i dont know what to do. i cant even comment on a friends picture with out him going off on me but yet the other day he commented on a girks picture saying she was the most beautiful girl ever and then he commented on another girls statuse that she said sh was home and it was boaring and he commented that when he gets home that he could make it worth her wild...... what am i supouse to do? do i comfront him or do i just ignore it? i love him so so much and i dont want to lose him...

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He sounds like a jerk. I wouldn't put up with the jealousy or his comments to other women. I understand that you love him, but is this really the way you want to live the rest of your life? How will you deal with it when his behavior gets worse?
for the first time i have something to make me happy i askd him for his facebook email and password and he just laughd and said no
Does he really make you happy? Or does he cause you a lot of stress and undeserved pain because of his jealousy issues?Every woman deserves to be with a man who loves and adores her unconditionally. It doesn't sound like this guy treats you that way. In all honesty, he sounds extremely controlling and generally, that type of behavior only escalates as the relationship progresses.
You need to get away from him, Now! I know its hard, but trust me. I was with a guy like that when i was 16, thought is was totally normal, until it got really bad. He went nuts, claiming i slept with 40 people in the first 3 months we were together, which is SO not true, there is a lot more but its not appropiate, he also physically, mentally, and emotionally abused me, I ended up with 3 broken ribs, a few black eyes and a few other things. It could end worse, if i wouldn't have left i would more than likley be dead, Please know that it took everything i had to stay away from him, I don't want anyone else going through this, he sounds controlling, it will only get worse. I know its hard, he even proposed to me as well. So please take my advice, I am so sorry someone like him found you, Change your passwords and emails, locks etc as well -Katie
@V he makes me both he addmited to haven irls on the side when we were geting together and he addmited to flirtin so i don know now @K he wont ever hit me i know that for a fact that he wont @both of you.... i love him but i just dont know how to handle this im 17 and almost done with school my school work is stressing me out and with him its geting even more stressfull
I was almost 17 when i left, I had family, my mom helped me alot, i really never never do this, but you can email me,, if you want to.
I was almost 17 when i left, I had family, my mom helped me alot, i really never never do this, but you can email me,, if you want to.
If you're only 17 this is really not something you need to be worrying about. Chances are good that this is not the guy you will end up marrying and having a family with. You're nowhere near mature enough to know what true love is and it really shouldn't be a concern for you at this point. You need to focus on growing up, going to college and figuring out life. And honestly, unless your guy has no arms there's no way you can know whether or not he would hit you. Jealous, possesive guys always end up escalating their behavior until you're completely cut off from your friends and family and you've been in an abusive relationship for so long that you can't figure out how to get out. It's not a situation anyone should be in and the only way to avoid it is to learn the warning signs.Also, if he has cheated on you before he will do it again. This is not the type of person you should be with, and he's certainly not the type of person you should start a family with.

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