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What helps with moring sickness?

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I am 8 weeks as of today and I have all day and night morning sickness. I just feel so sick all the time. When I was pregnant with my now 2 year old i never had morning sickness. Im just wondering if there is anything i can do to help not feel so sick all the time

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im sorry that ur not feeling good. i never had morning sickness with my daughter but eat things like bread,  saltine crackers and things like that. if it gets really bad then ur doctor will have to give u somthing for it if u cant hold anything down.
People usually say to try ginger (crystallised or the proper cordial in fizzy water) or dry biscuits eaten often or milk often to line the stomach (although with my first pregnancy I found fried egg sandwiches worked best) ... but if this is your second pregnancy and you feel so much more sick than the first, have you had a scan yet?  For my third pregnancy I felt awful and a scan at ten weeks revealed twins! 
And I forgot to add, for my third pregnancy I ended up on prescription medication as I couldn't function due to the sickness.  If you are really struggling then ask for meds.  There are risks but it meant that I could eat and drink and not spend the pregnancy in hospital on a drip.  And I only took meds for a short time, I stopped as soon as I could.
I feel your pain! My all day sickness lasted until wks 16. Here's what worked for me. Eat small frequent meals. I found protien like peanuts and plain chicken helped more then crackers, but everyone is different. My friend swears by baked potateos and ginger ale!I ate something small about once every hour.  Don't eat and drink at the same time. I also found that eating before I got out of bed in the morning helped, so keep a small snack handy by your bed in the morning and eat and lay arround for while before moving your body. Conversely I found eating and taking a small walk after dinner (well the last meal before bed which was actually like dinner #4) helped the most at night. But above all the thing that helped the most was extra amounts of rest and laying arround. Just do what works for you. try new things and when you find something that helps stick to it, even if it means eating potateo chips every min for 3 months!
I couldn't eat a full meal until I was around 20 weeks. It was horrible. I found these candies at the maternity store that really helped me. They are called Preggo Pops or something like that. They helped me and eating small non greasy meals helped too. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
I was sick from about week 6 until week 13. Eventually, I found that eating tiny snacks about every hour kept me from feeling completely miserable. It was like my first indication that I might be hungry was nausea rather than normal feelings of hunger, so if I ate before I thought I might be hungry, I didn't feel so bad. Chewing gum helped with the yucky taste in my mouth. Baked potatoe was pretty much the only thing I wanted to eat.
ginger snap cookies, sprite, and ginger ale helped me a great deal with my morning sickness. you also might try wheat thin crackers.
I had terrible mornig sickness until I was about 16 weeks, and I didn't know I could have medicine until I was almost 12 weeks along! My Dr. gave me zofran. It helped me keep food down but I was still nauseous. I ate a few tricuits before I got out of bed each morning, and I munched on crackers all day. I also sucked on sour candies which helped a lot as well. But if I felt like throwing up, I just did. Before I was pregnant I dreaded vomiting. It was almost a phobia. I learned that i felt better after vomiting and to just let it happen instead of trying to hold it in.
Morning sickness can be rough especially if this is your first baby. Try different methods and see what works for you. If you feel so sick and can't keep anything down ask your doctor for antinausea meds but don't feel to bad if you take those and still feel somewhat queasy. It will subside with time and keep telling yourself it will be worth it.
Soda helps me but it takes hours to finish the can.


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