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What i just realized....

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Some of you "moms" arent very helpful for a first time mom like me... Ive asked a couple questions so far and ive gottena few really rude answers... Like telling me i shouldnt be posting questions i should be on my way to my docters... Well all you negative nancys need to take in the fact not everyone can get to a docters 24/7 cause we are broke poor and dont have a car or the money to run back and forth to a docter!!!! I ask my questions because its the best thing for me to do since the extra 45$ i can afford for a phone with internet will do better than saving for a car.... On top of the fact that i have no family to help me with this pregnancy... Main point is you dont have to be better than thou cause im sure your a friggin docter!!!! I need advice not someone telling me im a bad mom cause im poor!!!!!!!

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no one has said your a bad mother because your poor. and when it comes to saving for a car, that's something you may want to seriously consider. i have been in a similar situation as you. we did not have a car until a few days before my first child was born. so i walked 2 miles to work. i worked 2 full time jobs until i was 7 months along, and urged to quit by my doctor. however, when you have a question like, "did my water just break?" you need to be on the phone with your doctor, because no one on the internet can answer that question for you.  think about this-after your baby is born, she/he is going to get sick. ear infections, colds, etc. how do you plan on getting your child to the doctor's office when they say, "bring him/her in now, and have us take a look". you may think that spending $45 on a phone with internet is better than saving for a car. you need a phone, sure. that's a neccesity. but you also need to think about some type of transportation soon. you can't always rely on public transportation, or a friend to give you rides here and there. taking a taxi will get very expensive very quickly.
Do you really need the phone that bad? I understand for emergencies, but there are cheaper plans. You can get a cheap car if you save. When I was pregnant with my first, I didn't have a phone. I walked to work (and it was winter). I gave up a lot to save. So instead of bitching at people on the internet, use your internet to research your question first.
Im sorry if i said anything like that before, but i live in the hills in west virginia my phone doesn't always work or get reception. I have a car so I got a way to the doctors,but, either way what im getting at is I have a different situation and if I said anything rude it was because I couldn't know how you feel. And i think that nobody can judge you for how you live even though I live in the hills i still get out and walk with my 6 month old and play with her and cook and clean even though im pregnant. In my opinion im a good parent but im sure other people have different ideads of a good parent. For example I think some of pinkpaisleys comments are hurtful but kimmieapples (another mommy) thinks its funny. Just ignore the rude comments and pay more attention to the cool ones.
Hon, you electrocuted yourself, your water broke at 20 weeks, and you can't breathe - and those are just the questions from you that I remember.  I think our responses telling you to check with your doctor are all perfectly normal reactions to what can be very serious complications with your pregnancy.  No, we don't know your situation - you didn't tell us (nor do we require you to do so).  We're not mind-readers.  I'm sorry that transportation is an issue for you now, but like Pink says, you should probably consider changing that and soon.  If you don't have the money to get reliable transportation or see a doctor - how on EARTH are you going to pay for all the things a baby needs?
I know how hurtful it must be to get so much negative feedback. But water breaking and electrocuting yourself are very serious issues and only a licensed professional could acurately answer these questions. I'm very sorry for the fact that you don't have a phone or a car, but maybe you should check out the websites like or they're free and maybe you should ask your questions to professionals instead. True, we are all moms, and some very experienced, but not all of us are medical professionals.Just so you know, I'm not tring to hurt you, I'm trying to help you get answers. Having so many questions is normal. And don't EVER feel crazy for asking doctors so many questions, it's what we pay them for. And I know how rude some people are, I agreed with oceana brooks, ignore the rude moms, I'm sure you know who they are. is a great site as well when you have medical questions. but first of all, call your doctor. that's what they are there for, sweetie.
I don't think anyone on here is ever purposefully trying to be unhelpful or judgemental. However, we aren't all wizards who magically know the answers to all the things that may be going on with you..or anyone else.

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