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what i need for a newborn

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carseat, clothes, diapers, blankets, bottles if you are formula feeding. anything else is overkill. 
a crib or bassinette.. wipes... burp rags.. add this to avictoria's reply above.. and I have always thought that the bouncy seat was a god send.. both my babies loved them =)
I would have to agree... get a bouncy seat or infant swing! They are a safe place for your baby while you get something done... and it teaches them they can be content for a short time that's not spent by you holding them. That being said, it isnt exsactly a necessity... your baby while get along fine in your arms or the crib/bassinet :)  
i want to add a baby moniter.. Its always a good backup incase you can't hear the baby as well as you think you can. It comes in handy while washing dishes, clothes, anything you will need to do while baby is napping. But i agree.. you dont need loads of stuff to take care of your newborn. Im on my third child now, and i have used less stuff with each one.
blankets , swaddlers, lots of diapers and wipes..i had a bassanet but then got a pack n play with a cradele and changing table on top which wweregunna use for like 2 months till she goes in her own room. deff a bouncy seat or swing so u can shower/do things around the house..if u have a dog get a babygate to keep the dog away fromt he baby while ur in a diff room..and a baby monitor..pacafier..i would get a few bottles even if ur breastfeeding incase it doesnt work out or u have to pump
All the above n if you can/or someone offers have a babyshower! I got almost everything i (more like HE) needed. All we had to buy were diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles..little things. Plus then u can buy extras like a backpack carrier or/and wrap-I bought a Moby Wrap for my 3 month old and we love it. BTW couldn't afford to order or buy from store so found a NEW one on craigslist for 1/2 the price! :) Check it out in your area, certain things are okay just be careful. Happy shopping

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