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What if the baby always wants coffee?

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well im just worried that my little boys will be wanting coffee because i love coffee but i know im not supposed to have it while im pregnant but coffee is like my clothes i have to have it and im trying really hard to stop so can someone help me with some ways to stop drinking coffee? and tell me what will happen if they do always want coffee? like will it cause problems if they dont get what they want?

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Try swicthing to decaf. I gave up my coffee and cokes to cut off my caffeine in take, although if you are pregnant it is recommended to be under 200mg a day, which is considered about one 8 oz cup. My 2 1/2 yr old occassionally has a sip, but she knows coffee is for Mommy and Daddy. My aunt had once told me that coffee has the opposite effect on kids. She claims 1/4 cup can be calming as a treat. I don't know if that works because I prefer her not to have it.
I love my coffee as well and switched to decaf, but occassionally at work if I was having a bad day I would fill my coffee cup half way and just take little sips to make it last.
My grandmother gave my brother and I coffee since we were small she mixed in a lot of milk... it did not hurt us I'm 5-10 he is 6-4
shouldn't you be more worried about going to high school and how you and your boyfriend are going to support twins at 17 rather than pretending to be an adult with something as petty as coffee problems?
umm jstasec i was worried about coffee because coffee causes miscarrges and i'v misscarried once and im not ready for a second one thank yu very much and we have the support from our familys and we live with his parents and were still in school so i will be after thr birth too and were going to college
I LOVE coffee also! I switched to decaf while I was pregnant. It's the caffeine that's bad so decaf is perfect. It is a little hard to give up caffeine at first but just think about doing what is best for your little one and it makes it much easier.
i drank 2 cups of coffee a day while prego, it helped with the constipation. you don't need to eliminate it completely, just cut back. my doc told me no more than 2 cups a day, and nothing else with caffeine.
Most of our mothers drank coffe when they were pregnant with us I know mine did and hey I turned out allright.  I drank sodas with my first child and probably will with this one.  If you are that concerned with the miscarrige then avoid it. all and all though it depends on each mother and their pregnancy situation. Plus just because you drink it doesn't mean they will be addicted to it that has to do with what you teach them after birth.
My second pregnancy craving were those bottled frappacino's. I had to have them. When my first son was diagnosed with asthma, we were told a small amout of black coffee could actually help him. It's all about moderation.
during my first pregnancy i could not stand the smell of coffee but loved the tast of the bottled frappacino's. it is not that you have to cut coffee out of your diet it is just safer for the baby if you cut back on the caffine.

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