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What it the longest it could take after a missed period to get pos hpt

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My wife is four days late on her period. She keeps saying she feels like her body is trying to get sick. She's very week and she says she's more tired than she's ever been. The lymph nodes in her neck are swollen, and she's been having some sinus issues. A few days ago, she noticed that her cervical mucus was very thick and warm. This might be TMI, but she said there was so much that if felt like it was just going to run down her leg. It wasn't the same as the thick, creamy stuff she gets during ovulation. Also, yesterday morning, we both noticed that her boobs were a little swollen. She has taken two pregnancy tests, and they have both been negative. The last one was last night.

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Usually by now they would come back positive. She should go see a doctor and they can run a blood test that would give a better answer. Then if she is not pregnant they can help figure out what is going on
It sounds like she's getting sick. Illnesses can sometimes affect a woman's hormones, which could explain why her period is late. If she's gotten two negative test results and her period is 4 days late chances are she's not pregnant. If she doesn't get her period soon she should see her doctor for a blood test.
some women dont show on hpts i know a few that have to get a blood test run to find out , something quirky with the way the hormone levels are in them. but they all have had healthy kids , just go to the doc and find out.

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