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what kinds of medicine can my pregnant gf take for muscle spasms/pain?

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The only pain reliever that is safe during pregnancy is Tylenol. Though long term use of Tylenol has been linked in one study with childhood asthma. Some doctors will prescribe vicodin but studies have linked it with heart and respiratory problems in babies. Rest, heating pads, hot showers/warm baths (baths no warmer than 100 degrees), and massage are all great ways to relieve pain and muscle spasms.
if she is having muscle spasms and pain, she can take tylenol. if that is not helping, then she needs to talk to her dr about it. i was prescribed tylenol 3-codeine, and flexeril during my last pregnancy for 2 herniated discs.
One of our office managers was prescribed bananas and apples (fresh or chips) and baked potatoes by her OBGYN to relieve her muscle spasms. In addition, she added a heating pad to her office chair and repositioned her feet onto a low foot stool. She reported a marked improvement in 4 working days.
to the above poster-that's because it was proabably due to a potassium deficiency. all the foods you listed are high in potasium.

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