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what is a middle name that could go with annabelle

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Try using a baby names book or website that offers the meanings of names. I like Baby Names World because they have people with the name offer their opinions about their name based on whether or not they were made fun of because of their name, how often it is mispronounced or misspelled, etc.And, this is just my opinion, but Annabelle seems like a farm-type name. Like a name for a cow.
 To V, that is an extremely rude thing to say. She didnt ask what you thought about the name so next time perhaps keep your opinions to yourself.Ericka please dont let V's opinion dictate whether or not you use annabelle. I happen to like the name. Now to answer your question, I think with a first name that is long would go better with a short middle name.Annabelle Marie, Annabelle simone, Annabelle nichole. It also depends on what ethnicity you look to for names.
It may not have been the nicest thing to say, but I'm not the only person who has that impression of the name. In fact, as soon as I first thought that I Googled it and it turns out there's a children's movie about a cow named Annabelle. So, plenty of other people have that same association. And honestly, it's something a parent needs to take into consideration when deciding on a name. It would really suck for a little girl to get made fun of at school for having the same name as a cow, right? Think of how damaging to her self esteem that could be. I like knowing what other people think of names I'm considering and I certainly want to know if anyone has any sort of weird associations with the name. I've spent my whole life with a name that is constantly mispronounced, misspelled and misunderstood. In school I got made fun of a lot. Names are a big deal and parents should do what they can to avoid choosing names that will get kids picked on. I know I'm probably overly sensitive about the issue but there are plenty of parents who don't think hard enough about the impact that a name has on a child.
I love the name Annabelle! I have a friend who named her litte girl this and it fits her so well.
I think the name Annabelle is lovely.  How about Annabelle Rose?
Just for the record, Annabelle Lee is a poem by Edgar Allan Poe which I believe was the only love poem he ever wrote (which is what people will think of even if you spell it differently). I like Annabelle Elise if you don't live too close to me, because that's what I want to name my daughter ;). I don't think most people associate the name Annabelle with a's a very popular name these days. I think it would be cute to shorten it to Belle as a nickname, which of couse means beautiful.
Lovin, V wasn't trying to be rude at all but thats her opinion and she does have the right to express it. I also like the name annabelle alot acually but I have seen the movie annabelles wish,and it is about a baby cow and her wish to be a santas reindeer (my kids love that movie its cute).   To erickababy01  I think annabelle zoe or annabelle grace would be cute.
anabelle ailis (pronounced I-lish- meaning of a noble kin) 
Annabelle is a beautiful name, And as for a middle name i've found out that the last name has alot to do with naming your child it took me forever to find a middle name that went with cayden and the last name teague :) I in my own opinion like marie i hate it for my middle name but who actually likes their name :) But when it comes down to it it's your choice that matters no-one else's,and getting opinions from people you dont know probably is'nt the best decision as you might have noticed already.And just for a bonus i looked up what annabelle means :)(:    Good luck to you!                                                   Annabelle comes from the French name, meaning "Grace and beauty".Read more:


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