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What Month Can You Feel The Baby Move..?

8 answers
I Wont To know What Month I Can Feel The Baby Move..?

answers (8)

About 19 weeks is when i felt mine and 22 weeks when i could feel him on the outside =)
I felt mine 20 weeks and by the next day my husband felt him.
Sorry about saying him I had a girl but I was reading shookers comment and writing mine at the same time and she said him.
With my daughter it was about 17 weeks and my husband felt her the same time I did. With my son I was about 11 weeks when I felt him and again close to 18 weeks before my husband felt him. He was also shy and would not kick when my husband put his hand on my belly.
I felt my first baby when I was about 19 weeks, my second when I was 16 weeks and my third when I was 18 weeks. My husband is just now (at 21 weeks) being able to feel out third baby move. He could feel the others sometime after 20 weeks.
Usually you will feel the baby move by the 20th week , if it is your 1st sometimes may be a bit later , will feel like a flutter , then get progressively stronger each week as baby grows!
Aww Howw Kutee!!;] Well Im Aboutt 18 Weeks And Me Andd Myy BooyFriendd Fell Thee Babyy Moovee Alott!! Thanks For All The Anwserss Thankk Alll Of Youu..!!?
Its starts from 7 or 7 and half month when you feel your baby moves.metformin

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