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At what moonth should I start showing ??

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probly around 4 months
yes I would say around 4 to 5 months it all depends on if its your first baby or not.. after the first one you seem to show faster and your body weight plays a factor as well =)
I didn't start showing until 6 months or so. I could definately tell earlier but it wasn't too obvious to everyone else. This was my first baby.With my mom's first baby she didn't start showing until 8 months. By her fifth baby she says people could see her belly around a corner before her. :)
Every woman and every pregnancy is different. I think the average would be around 4-5 months. Be careful that you don't mistake weight gain during the first couple of months for showing. It's exciting (especially with your first pregnancy) to start wearing maternity clothes, but you really shouldn't need them much before you're 3 1/2 to 4 months along. Don't rush it.

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