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What is needed when I go to the hospital to deliver?

3 answers
I'm thinking of what I need to pack for when I go into labor and I was wondering if you had any ideas or tips as to what I will need.

answers (3) is what i used to pack my back, I also recommend your own pads, the ones in the hospital are cardboard and icky. My mom refused to use them. I haven't delivered yet but that what she said, also some fluffy socks to keep your feet warm. Hope this Helps:)  
I loved the pads that the hospital gave me, because normally I only use the thin ones and you definitely need the big thick ones afterwards.  Also their pads you can slide ice packs into, which I loved.  I continued to do it for a few days after I got home with both of my other sons. 
I always take my own tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner and soap. A robe, house shoes, comfy socks, a nursing bra if you plan to nurse, clothes for going home, the baby's diaper bag with a few sets of clothes (in case your first choice doesn't fit). I usually go ahead and set up the diaper bag like I would for going anywhere that way its all set up. The car seat but you can leae it in your car until you're ready to leave. I think its a good idea to take things with you that will keep you occupied and your mind off the pain like books, magazines, puzzle books, whatever you enjoy. Money for the vending machines is a good thing to remind the people coming with you to bring, unless they bring their own snacks. I hope this has been helpful atleast a little. Good luck! :)

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