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What is the normal development of a 1 year old.

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My daughter can say little things like. "Mama" "Dada" "Bye" "Hello", But how much should she be able to say?

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Bryer could say alot when he was 1 yr, But my daughter couldn't say anything but momma. Everyone is different, Some learn how to talk alot faster and some can't talk at her age.I think shes right on track.
It depends on a lot of things, including exactly how old she is. My oldest started talking a lot after she turned 1, but then stopped before she was 18 months old. My son just turned 2 and he's been talking non-stop since he was around 15 months old.All kids develop at different rates. If you're concerned, talk to your pediatrician.
my daughter said mama and dada at 6 months, and spoke in 3 word sentences at 13 months. around 18 months, her speech slowed down a bit, but now that she's nearly 3, i'd say she's up to par with the rest. the best way to increase her vocabulary is by reading to her every day. also, give her a play-by-play of the day, like a sports reporter would do during a game. for example:"let's get your diaper changed. we take off the dirty diaper, and then clean you up with a baby wipe. now that you are clean, let's get a fresh diaper, and put that on. pants come next! let's put your left leg in the hole, and now the right. time to stand up and pull them up around your waist. the dirty diaper will go in the trash can/diaper genie. all done! you are free to play!" like v said, if you have a concern talk with her pediatrician.

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