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What is an okay age to teach your daughter to shave her underarms

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Should u use a razor or something like nair.

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i think 12 is good but not before then acually has armpit hair
I would explain to her what to look for and then when she is ready, have her come to you and then show her how. I agree with around 12.
I started shaving my legs at the end on 6th grade and I was 11 years old and I started shaving my arm pits shortly after that. I know by the end of 7th grade I was shaving arm pits and bikini because I did swim team. I also got my period in 7th when I was 12 so puberty was in full force. So depending on when your daughter gets hair will be when she brings it up. Kids know when they are different, if she see's you shaving or know you do then she will ask.
when she gets a noticable amount of hair, not peach fuzz, show her how to use a razor. nair sucks, and even the scented stuff reeks of chemicals. i was shaving everything at 10, because i had dark hair, and i was on the swim team. i never talked to my mom about it, i just grab one of the new razors out of her pack. i figured it out fairly quickly. once she found out, she asked me if i needed any help. i didn't and that was the end of it.
You should definitely NOT use Nair. No child should have those chemicals used on their bodies! Just offer a razor and let the child know you're there for her if and when she needs help and leave it at that. For the razor, id go with one that's has the wires around the blades so they can learn without cutting. That's what my mom gave me and it helped me learn a lot without getting a huge cut on my legs and under arms.

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