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What positions should I try?

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I chose not to take any birthing classes, I am now 31 weeks an starting a birthing plan. The book im using says to think about what positions I might want to try but I dont really know anything about any positions. What positions have you found comfortable or helpful while giving birth?

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I liked walking around the best. I also liked the shower. With my daughter she was sunny side up (Facing the front) and they wanted me to try to flip her and they had me on my hands and knees. I did not like this at all, but she did flip. With my son I sat on a birthing ball and the toilet. My labors are short with my daughter I was in the hospital only 2 1/2 hours before having her and in labor 5  hours. My son I was in the hospital 1 1/2 hours and labored about 5 hours again. So I am sure it may have been different if I had a long time. But moving around helped a lot.
With my first I got to take a nice warm bath. It was very relaxing and sped up my labor considerably which allowed me to only get a temporary spinal block shot. With my second I had an epidural (which was terrible) and  because of some back problems I could only lay on my left side. It was miserable. With this pregnancy I'm going to have a completely natural labor and delivery. I won't be taking birthing classes because they're expensive and I did everything but push without pain meds my first time around. I'm going to just see how things go. I'll walk if that's comfortable, but I think I'd really like to just relax in a bath again!And to be honest, birthing plans are great but don't expect to follow it exactly. Things honestly just never go according to plan so be open to changes.
Oh ha I know, been there 4 too many friends an knew their birthing plans but Im wondering about positions while actually giving birth.
I liked straddeling a chair and putting a pillow in front on me to lean over the back of the chair.  It opened my pelvis and helped move the baby down.  It was also very comfortable. 
It's going to depend on what you find to be the most comfortable. There are all kinds of positions that work for different women. It will also depend on what your hospital and doctor will allow. My babies come out with five minutes or less of pushing so lying on my back and holding my legs worked just fine for me.
I know its different 4 every1, jus tryin to get some ideas. Its more about wat i find comefortable so i guess ill jus wait an see, thanks 4 the suggestions :)

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