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what is a pre-school policy for working parents?

3 answers
hello, everyone im planing to go back to work this summer but before i start my job again i wanna know when can my daughter start preschool ? what preschool policy if both parents work 8:00am to 5:00pm? we don't have family in ny so there is no way that anyone can pick her up. so plz if anyone have ans plz help me i really need help. thank you!

answers (3)

how old is your daughter? most preschools are open during those hours, but to get all the facts, you need to call around and talk to the school administator. no one on this site can really give you much more info than that. your best bet is just to start visiting some preschools/day care centers, and choose the one that works for your family.
Most kids start preschool around age 2 or 3, but it depends on the school itself. So depending on the your child's age and the schools in your area your child may need day care. You'll just have to talk to the preschools in your are to get answers to your questions.
Again like the other post have said it depends on your area and most have early drop off and late pick up to accomodate those who work.

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