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what recomendations do you have for getting pregnant after losing one?

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I have had a miscarrage 5 years ago and have been trying to get pregnant since what is the best recomendation on trying to concieve?

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Have sex on your ovulation time,eat healthy,get sleep,cut back on drinking,quit smoking,relax. That's things that help getting pregnant also propping your butt up for 10 minutes after you have intercorse to make sure the fishermen get to the egg.
What oceana said. And if that doesn't work within a year or if you've been doing all that and still haven't gotten pregnant you should see your doctor to discuss potential fertility issues.
I would say after 5 years you should talk to a doctor. You may have a fertility issue. Most of them are nothing major and can easily be fixed. I would talk to a doctor and try to get some answers.

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