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What should babies be eating at 10 months old?

5 answers
I need some advice about foods for babies at 10 months.

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Soft table foods are ine at 10 months. Steamed fruits and vegetables, yogurt, Cheerios, small pieces of bread or tortilla, teething biscuits, "puffs" baby snacks. Make sure pieces are small, about the size of your pinkie finger nail. Do not give anything hard or difficult to chew like nuts or popcorn. Talk to your pediatrician if there is a family history of food allergies.
 Your baby can eat table food as long as it's soft, Little snacks are fine to. Don't give your baby nuts, because before 2 years old it can make them ellergic.
The only reason a parent needs to worry about introducing any food to their baby is if there is a family history of food allergies. Giving a child nuts before they are two is not likely to create an allergic reaction unless they are predisposed to having an allergy to that food. I gave my first two kids peanut butter before they were a year old and neither had an allergic reaction.
my first daughter was eating soft table food at 6 months old. at ten months, she ate whatever we ate for a meal, provided that it was not a choking hazard. gerber has a wonderful selection of baby foods, and on the back of each package it will give you the signs of whether or not your baby may be ready for those foods. ex: supported sitter, sitter, pulls to stand, toddler, preschooler, etc. every baby is different, but those are the general guidlines other than what v and oceana said.
At 10 months old your baby can eat alot, I fed my kids what I made for my hubby and me. Of course you don't wanna give your baby a big burger, but as long as your watching him/her they can eat small peices of what you made. And just too add to the conversation between Oceana and V, I also heard the nut thing. I don't know if it's true or stupid,I also heard that giving your kids honey before they are 5 can hurt them.

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