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What should i ask my mid-wife to do to help get things going?

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i am 39 weeks tomorrow i have been to the hospital 2 times because of pains everywhere ( Back, pelvis, thighs, sides of my stomach, and in my vag) and irregular contractions. they are strong just not regular. last friday i was 4cm and she was sitting right on my cervix and i was thinned out. i just dont kno what i should ask them to do. because i kno my body and i kno she is ready to come out im just not having concistent contractions so they wouldnt keep me last week. this is my first baby i am only 19 and need some advice on what to ask them to do to help get things started. please help me out all moms out there??? :)

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i know some women who want to do things more naturally & whe they are full term, like you are, they do a castor oil induction. Definitely please make sure to talk to your mid wife about this before you do it. She can help make sure the baby is still in the right position & everything. heres a link for more info thing is Red Raspberry Leaf (tea). It can help wtih contractions evening primrose oil a lot of other things on this website that yu might want to look into. I found it extremely helpful. Good luck!

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