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what should i do??

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im 22 wks pregnant and my husband of almost 3 yrs doesnt want to have sex with me..... he says its because hes tired and because of everything that has been going on throughout my pregnancy. but i have a feeling its me or he may be cheating on me and it makes me feel so insecure about myself. and im not the type of person that was ever insecure. what should i do?? help plzz need some advice!!!

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I would just talk to him and explain how you are feeling.  Some men have issues about sex.  My husband was afraid that it would make me miscarry that he would barely touch me for both of my pregnancies.  
I went through the same thing girl. It's tough because it does make you feel like crap. GUys are hard to understand. Some guys actually do feel wierd having sex just because you have a baby in you, and some I guess just don't find it attractive. Get yourself a dildo girlfriend, definitely talk to him about it first though. Warn him and if he doesn't change, then go for the dildo. Hopefully it all gets better after you have the baby and recover. I have a baby of 3 weeks and still can't have sex, but we will see what the situation is like after I'm given permission to have sex again
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