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what should i do.?

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im 16 and my boyfirend just turned 20.. im 7 in a half months pregnant already gonna be 8..we've been together for a good while and i love him so much..i lost my virginity to him and that's when i got dad and stepmom will send him to prison because he's older than me but i don't want him to go to hiding my pregnacie 4rm my dad and stepmom but no worries i always go to my doctors appoinment's and everything.. i want to know if theres anything i can do so that he dosen't go to prison i love him dearly and i need him more than ever now:( can anyone help me...?

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If your parents decide to press charges, or if anyone in your community finds out and alerts the police there is nothing you can do to keep him from being prosecuted. He committed statutory rape and if he is convicted, which is extremely likely, he will have to be a registered sex offender. The idea of statutory rape may be silly in certain cases, but it's a law for a reason. Ultimately, he should have known better.As far as your pregnancy goes, you can try to hide it, but pretty soon you're going to have a baby. Have you thought about what you're going to do then?
i know and that's what i don't want to happen..both of our families know we've been sexually active and they didn't say anything they just said to be smart and we were and the first time we didn't use protection that's when i got pregnant..he's a good person yah he should've known but he didn't force me or anything like that..both of our families know were together they know my age and everything my dad know's he's age to..our communtiy everyone know's as well we don't have police were i live and we've even lived together 4 about 4 month's then i moved back with my stepmom and dad because my mom is going thru a very big depression..and my boyfriend's family is ceasar chavez family ceasar chavez is my boyfriend's tio..and richard chavez is my mother in law's dad they all know..and about my son im going to keep him and hopefully tell my dad just scared..and i know me and my boyfriend can make it and support this baby without anyone's help..
If you didn't use protection when you had sex you weren't being smart. Theb ottom line is that yes, there is the potential for him to prosecuted for statutory rape and if it comes to that there is nothing you can do about it.
you need to understand the laws in your state. some states 16 is old enough to conscient to sex. im not sure what it is in my state(SC) but im thinking it's 15. just check before you get yourself all worked up.
and how would i be able to look that up where like what site  or anything would i be able to go to to check it out! and i know and i am

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