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what should i do? marriage on the rocks...

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im 28weeks pregnant with my second child. ive been with my husband for 4 yrs and been married for 3yrs. lately hes been so mean to me. hes been yelling at me, telling me o f*** off and calling me names, telling me he hates me..... then he apologizes. i am still mad. i dnt get over it. it hurts my feelings. he told me that meeting me and having kids with me, was a mistake. why would he say this?? what should i do? i cant live like this.... my pregnancy is high risk for preterm labor. he doesnt seem to care. why is he doing this.. i need some advice. please.

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im not marriedbut my advice is to leave for a while..let him cool off and see f he realize what an ass he is being..esp since theres another child involved and ur pregnancy is high risk anyway..its not worth waiting in the same house to see if he changes.. u never now if he will put ur hands on u and thats not a risk u should be willing to take..if he doesnt change or doesnt care then i would leave him..i know it willl be hard but u have to think about u and ur kids...good luck and i hope evrything works out! sorry. I can imagine the stress this all puts on you. Is there a reason he is behaving like this? (out of work, trouble with work, family problems, etc.?) It sounds like this is new. Has he ever been like this? It seems to me that something is causing this..especially if he doesn't normally behave like this.Maybe some counseling would help? Do you guys talk much? Maybe just talking and trying to understand what's going on would help you both.
Wow, I am so sorry that you're going through all of that. Especially while pregnant... My advice is to speak things clearly with him when he and you are both calm. That's when he'll listen not when you two are mad. Let him know exaclty what you feel and how this is affecting you and the baby.What ever his response is, Only you will know what to do next. Your insticts will let you know when it's time to take it to the next level. Also, keep in mind that you're not the only one going through changes at this time. But no matter what, I just can't stand the things he says to you. They are toooo much for me. I would seriously demand that he NEVER do that again..Good Luck.Please update any news. Hope it all turns out ok for you..
well it could be stress since im not working anymore and all the income basically comes from him.... but its dumb stuff that we talk about that lead to his eruptions. the conversation will start out fine, then he starts. it has been only the past 2-3 wks. he always apologizes but i dnt get over it. and im stressed too. im home all day with our son trying to be on bed rest and still running errands, im also taking some online classes.. but i dnt act like that with him. he wont listen to me. he just says hes tired of me telling him what to do and he wants to make his own decisions and he doesnt give a crap what i say. but when i tell him to leave, he wont. he thinks im kidding. i dnt know what else to do. i want him to leave but im also scared if he does, he might have too much fun and not come back....
Allright well the first thing I would do is to take a step back and analyze the situation.  He has no right to talk to you this way if this is coming out of the blue.  If it's a reaction to something then that paints a different picture, but either way he sounds like he is extremely stressed and may have some type of animosity toward you.  What is leading to you two to this?  Are you setting him off in some way?  Is it a small question that he is overreacting too?  You really need to give us the whole story as I think both you and your husband are contributing to this behavior. Regardless cursing you out is not acceptable, but it sounds like you two need to sit down and hammer out your issues.

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