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What should I do with my daughter's drop side crib?

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It is in real good shape and I wanted to sale it at a yard sale but I am not able to because of the ban.

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If there's a ban on selling it, you're out of luck.  You could try donating it to a thrift store if you don't want to trash it, but many of the thrift store have strict rules on children's furniture too.  You may just have to trash it.  Sorry.
They are banned because they are dangerous. More than 30 deaths have been caused by them. Even though it's in good condition, I would just trash it. It would be horrible if someone used it and their baby were hurt by it. 
no need to trash it sweetie, we turned ours into an amazing baby gate that blocks the kitchen, and another gate that blocks the bathroom. babies have died because there are too many idiots out there that don't know how to put them together properly...i never had any problems with mine, and it had been used for 2 kids before mine. we stopped using it at 6 months when my daughter climbed out of it. however, you are right! they are banned completely, which means you can't sell it at a yard sale, and you won't be able to donate it to a thrift store.
I'd really love to know how you turned yours into a baby gate Pinkpaisley. I have a crib we are about to trash and we could use an extra gate or two. That is such a great idea.
Keep your eye out for ads from Babies-r-Us or other baby stores.  We traded our crib in for a discount on a new product in thier store. 
i used the side pieces for a swinging gate. add hinges, and a sliding chain lock that you would have on a front door. we used the front and back pieces to block off the kitchen. my husband bolted them to the wall. let me get your email address, and i will take some pics and send them to you so you can get a better idea of how it looks. we decided to use it for a gate because it's going to be much taller than any gate you can purchase at a store. i have an expert climber on my hands, so i needed something she could not pull up on and throw her leg over the side. that's how she managed to get out of the playpen at 10 months. she climbed out of her crib at 6 months.
That would be great, my email is My daughters are both the same way, I haven't found a gate yet that they can't climb over.
i joke that my daughter is half-monkey, because she will try to climb walls while screaming, "ooo ooo ooo ahhh ahhh ahhh!" lol. sometimes i honestly think that she believes she's a monkey! having a climber terrifies the hell out of me, because according to her doctor, when you have a world class climber like mine, you are always 5 minutes away from a broken bone.
With the ban you can't sell it, and neither can any sort of second hand store... so donating it would be a waste as well. Most companies offer some sort of kit that you can use to "fix" the crib so the side is stationary. If you request and install that then you can sell it. Otherwise it seems like some of the other moms have some good ideas for alternative uses.

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