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What Should I Do To Win Back The Man I Love?

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My Ex and I have Been Broken Up For about 11 months now but i know he still feels something for me... what can i do to make him see that he really needs me in his life and that breaking up with me was the worst mistake he could have made...???

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start talking to him just in regular conversation and plan something romantic like a candle lit picnic in ur living room or yard and see how it goes if he still has feelings i think that any act of kindness would make him see what he has lost and make him miss u and want u all over agian. or reinact something u guys did when u first met.
In my opinion if he doesn't want you then you need to let go. I know that's not what you want to hear but there is a man out there that will love and cherish you and not make you feel the way he does. You say you know he still feels something for you. If he isn't with you then there is a good chance that he doesn't. And maybe breaking up with you was the worst mistake but begging him to come back is beneath you. He broke up with you, he isn't there, he is the absent one. The beast thing you can do for you right now is to learn to love yourself and realize that this guy is not worth your time.
Speaking from experience ( my husband left me for 3 months) I found the best way to get him to realize he made a mistake was to make sure he still had contact with me. I made sure to talk to him regulary via text or call about our kids and when he would see the kids on the weekend we would meet at a park and I would stay too to watch and help and the kids. I also lost some weight, dyed my hair and just sort of updated my look and paid more attention to how I dressed. I made sure he saw me calm and actually in a good mood as though it didnt bother me that he left that much and that I am actually just fine and going out with friends and a guy was talking to me and that he knew I had an active, busy life and at least believed that I wasnt taking it too hard. He needed to see me as being fun and sexy again. And it worked, he was stubborn and though I could tell in his eyes he wanted me back he still made it go 3 months. According to him after we got back together he just felt so guilty and bad about leaving me that he didnt think he deserved me back and didnt think that I would really take him back. So I had to sort of bend over backwards and bring up us working things out and try to just be his friend. In the end it all worked.
you seperated for a reason.  If you know that reason, than that is what you have to work on - together.  if only one person is working on it, there will never be a cohesive partnership.
kill him with what i did, me and my hubby hit a BIG bump in the road where we couldn't get along and he was very unhappy and started talking to some one else. i would come home and clean the house and cook dinner for him (i was staying with family at the time) then go back to where i was staying calling him only every now and then to see how his day was until he finally started calling me more and more until he asked me to come back to stay with him. just be as nice as possible no matter how bad you want to yell at him
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