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what should i expect,.?

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well im due this friday and im so nervous i have an appoinment today and i can't help but thinking of the pain and what im going to go thru! im so happy tho(: and i wanna know what should i be expecting now that im just a week away.?

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It happens fast. Faster then you think. You sort of just realize you are in labor and wow this is happening (that is how I felt) When you realize you are in labor you will probably feel very scared and nervous but excited  to meet your little one.  It will hurt, I did 2 labors with no pain meds so it is not impossible. But if you feel like you need it then get it. It is something you cannot imagine until you have gone through it. It hurts but is wonderful all at the same time.
I had a different experience with each of my three deliveries.With my first I was induced and had IV pain medication until just before I had to push. I got a spinal block shot, which is like an epidural in that it numbs you up but it's a one time shot that lasts about 2 hours. It gave me a horrible spinal migraine. My labor was very short, only 3 hours and that, coupled with not going into labor on my own made me need an episiotomy. The recovery from both the spinal block and episiotomy was rough.With my second I opted for an epidural and it was terrible for me. My L3 and L4 vertebrae are rotated and that was the only spot the anesthesiologist could get the line in. I had to lie on my left side all day (my labor last for 18 hours) and my labor progressed very slowly. The doctor broke my water and that made my contractions extremely painful. I hadn't felt anything all day until then and the pain was unbearable but eventually the anesthesiologist upped the pain meds. This time I decided on just IV pain meds. I was only in labor for about 5 hours. I got one dose of pain medication that helped take the edge off the contractions and allowed me to sleep. (Which was nice because I went into labor in the middle of the night and had barely slept for a few days before.) It wore off about 30-45 minutes before I had to push and wasn't able to get another dose because narcotic medications can cause breathing problems for babies if they're given too close to the time of birth. So I had a natural delivery. It was painful, but it was what I wanted this time. Thankfully, once my kiddos are ready to come out they're really ready and I only have to push about three times. I don't know if I could have handled hours of pushing. The natural delivery felt like I was on fire and like I was being ripped in half at the same time. If it hadn't been for my husband's encouragement I don't think I could have done it. But, as soon as I had found the words to describe the pain I had already started to forget what it felt like. Our bodies produce hormones and things that help us forget the pain almost immediately. And as painful as it was, I can honestly say that if I have another baby I'll have a natural delivery again. The recovery was much easier and faster and I enjoyed bonding with my baby right away instead of feeling groggy or being in pain.
wow all of this is making me more nervous! but i cant wait
My labors are also fast both of mine were less then 5 hours. With my daughter my water broke and I was in a panic But it took 5 hours for my first contraction. But once it started it was done really quickly. With my son I started to have contractions and I was not sure at first if they were the real deal. When I figured it out things started to happen fast. But V is right you do not think about the pain. The thing that amazed me is the instant your baby is out the contractions pretty much stops and the pain is gone. I did not feel myself tear with my daughter and I tore really bad. The hormones and adrenilin fuel you
Don't be nervous! Just relax and things will be fine. If you haven't had any birthing classes I'd suggest some form of pain medication since you haven't learned any techniques for dealing with the pain. If you don't want to be stuck in bed the entire time IV pain medication is a good way to go. It will take the edge off the contractions but doesn't numb you in any way. 
I was always worried about the pain to, and now even though it's my third pregnancy I am still a little worried. But you don't have to be nervous, just remember that you are in good hands and it will be over quickly and then you will have your baby. I was in labor 9 hours with my son and 6 with my daughter and it was 5 pushes for both. I had the epidural with both my kids but I am planning to be all natural, and have a waterbirth with this one.  I hope your labor and delivery goes smoothly, Good luck!
thank all of you! and wow i actually want my baby here because i've gained alot of weight! and also because i cant wait to be living the mommy life but either way i know it's not going to be easy but, ill manage my mother in law is so helpfull, since my dad isnt going to take me to the hospital when i do go into labor she is! and she want's to be in the room when im having him as well! & i reallly hope everything goes good! i hope im not in labor long!

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