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what should i know about being in labor

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That's a pretty vague question, I'm sure there are multiple articles here on Parenting that can answer that. You'll find more help here if you ask specific questions.
every labor is different. my mother was in labor with my older brother for 4 hrs and 6 hrs with me. she said it was manageable pain. i was in labor with my son for 48 hrs and i tuned out of reality to deal with the pain. with my daughter i knew what labor felt like so i knew how to get through each contraction. get through this one, rest, wait for the next one. my labor was completely in my back. she was only 13 hrs. my friend went into labor on tuesday and had her son on saturday. her said it felt like her stomach exploded each time she had a contraction. along with me she said it started with a feeling of intense gas pain. everyone is different, even in the same family. just tell yourself it will all be over and then you get to have a baby in your arms.

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