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what should i know about being pregnant. and how to be a mom?

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im 14 years old. and scared out of my mind.. me and my boy friend decided to.. you know have sex..after a year of being in a relationship. and the condom broke... and ive told my mom about it. and tried to talk to her. but she wont listen.. im a straight A student. a freshman in highschool. and i dont normally do bad things.. i need to know the Does and Donts of being pregnancy. and how to be a good mom.. i refuse abortion or adoption the thought of either of those makes me want to throw up.. i want to take responsiblilty for my actions. Please help!

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For now, you need to focus on keeping yourself healthy. You need to start seeing a doctor or midwife so that you can get proper prenatal care. You need to take prenatal vitamins, extra calcium, and should get 900mg of dha per day. You need to eat a healthy, balanced diet, with as little junk food as possible. (I know you can't avoid it completely, especially with cravings. Just do your best.) try to get some light exercise, but if morning sickness gets to be too much, I know exercise is hard.later on, you'll need to figure out what items you'll need for your baby, but you don't have to worry about that right now. You should also start reading as many books on pregnancy (what to expect when you're expecting is supposed to be a good one) and parenting as you can. There are lots of them, but you do have several months to get through a few. There is also a lot of information here on You also need to make a plan to continue your education. Having a baby and being in school is very difficult. I'm a mom of three and I'm in college, and it's rough. But, your education is very important, it will help you get a job that can support you and your child.for now, focus on yourself and your health. As you profess through your pregnancy you can deal with the beginning aspects of parenting. There are always people here who will help you figure things out. And don't worry too much about your mom. Right now, she's probably just upset and freaked out. She will come around, just give her some time to process everything.
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