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what suggested age to wean off pacifier?

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grand-daughter 17 1/2months old, very smart, takes bottles to take naps & bedtime, only wants paci when she gets tired, doesn't have to have at all times, unfortunately shes has a 4yr old sister (we're having trouble stopping) who sucks her thumb a lot, have seen baby put her thumb in her mouth but we haven't seen her but 2 times couple of weeks ago...our greatest fear is that the baby will mimick her 4yr old sister's bad habit of thumb you have any ideas or references we could read? Thank you, Mrs. M Puckett

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I've always read to wean them off the paci by 12 months but that can be hard to do. (My son is 14 months and still wants his paci for naps) I would say she should be off the bottle by now definately.I would try getting creative with the paci weaning. I have seen some families send their paci's to the pacifier fairy..they can either hide them under a pillow, put them in the fairy's little bucket, etc. Tell your grand daughter a little story about the fairy and what they do with the collected paci's. Have fun. Reward the child if when they give them up. Think of a special toy, stuffed animal you could give to replace the pacifier.I've also seen one family tie all the pacifiers to balloons and release them outside.As far as the thumb could be possible that the younger will learn from the older. That can be hard to break. I sucked my thumb until I was at least 9 years old and no matter what my mother, doctor, etc did...and they tried everything...I was not giving it up. (embarrassing to think about now. :) I don't have alot of advice for this. sorry. Just keep trying to discourage it with the older girl. My parents taped socks to my hand, put nasty flavored herbs/spices on my thumbs, made me read books about how bad thumb sucking was, etc. Good luck!
why does she still have a bottle? are you not aware of the damaging effects that's causing her teeth? i started weening my daughter off the paci at 8 months, and by 12 months we threw it in the trash. the bottle was dumped at 10 months. it's not that hard! here's what you do: cut the nipple off of the paci, and throw it in the trash. let her find the leftover plastic piece. she will realize very quickly that something is not right. ultimately you need to put a foot down and just take the damn thing away. if you started earlier, it woulf have been a lot easier. look foward to buck teeth with the 4 year old thumb sucker. you need to get a handle on that crap now.
I would wean off around age 3...Check out Thumbuddy To Love. They make products to help stop thumbsucking and are even coing out with a book and puppet for kids to help break the pacifier habit in april 2011. google it!
they should be off or getting off by 12 months... with the pacifier and the bottle.

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