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what type of bottles are good for breastfeeding babies?

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I bought the gerber nuk bottles because I heard they are good for breast feeding babies, but I was wondering if anybody else has suggestions. My daughter was formula fed because I didn't seem to have enough milk to satisfy her.

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I used the Platex Drop-ins for my daughter at first, she was completely breast fed (I pumped), and they worked good with her, although she wasnt fussy. Now I'm using glass bottles, a "born-free" brand (havent seen it around too much). I've been told by other moms tho that their children preferred a certain kind of nipple over another... It helps to have a couple different ones on hand just in case I guess. I was told too that its good to find a bottle nipple that closely matches your own, if your baby will be going back and forth between breast and bottle, as it confuses them less. There are so many choices out there now, I would just choose one that you feel good about using and your baby doesnt mind. Hope this helps!
we used Avent bottles, and they always worked great for expressed milk, though neither of my kids would drink formula.
i like the platex drop ins and the soothie bottles my daughter caitlyn really seems to like then to 
I have used all sorts of bottles... Avant, Gerber, Dr. Browns. Nothing has worked better than the Adiri bottle. Too bad I found it on baby #4! lolMy son has had zero nipple confusion. If you do a google search you'll see it come right up under the shopping section. :DHope this helps!
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