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what week can your partner feel the baby move?

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around 4 months, you will feel movement.
They say every woman and every pregnancy is different so I dont know if this will help ya or not but Iwas feeling my baby at 16 weeks move and my husband was able to feel her kick at 26 weeks. Im 34 weeks not and she will actually kick things off my belly lol
I felt our baby move for the first time at 18 1/2 weeks and my husband was able to feel her by 20 weeks. However it's different for everyone, depending on several things (first pregnancy, abdominal fat, etc). For example my friend wasn't able to feel her baby move until almost 24 weeks.
I think it vary but normally around 18 weeks.Thanks
Usually after 16 weeks, one stars to feel movements. It may vary. If it is twin, you will feel movements rather earlier...Thanksbabysitting rates

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