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What were your symptoms of Preeclampsia?

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So I am 36 weeks pregnant and at my appointment a few days ago the doctor was worried about my blood pressure. (I think it was like 136/98 the first time and then the second time, which was taken like 30 minutes later, was 130/80) The doctor said the second reading is much better so he just let it go kinda. But he did tell me to watch out for vision changes, headaches, and/or pain in the upper abdomen. What kind of vision changes am I gonna have if I get preeclampsia? I have been having headaches the past few days but they are kinda like "slept too long" that how they are supposed to feel? I just want other people's experiences so I can know what to look for.... Thanks

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Symptoms are different for everyone. Usually "vision changes" means blurry vision. You're 36 weeks so you should be having appointments every week, just wait until your next appointment to see what your blood pressure is. Also watch out for sudden swelling in your hands and feet.

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