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what were your very first signs (other then a + test)?

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Curious to see what your first signs of pregnancy were, other than a positive home test?

answers (5)

With my son I knew immediately, I just had that intuition. With this pregnancy, my third, I knew I was pregnant because I knew when I ovulated. But, I had extremely sore breasts for a few weeks right at the start. Morning sickness didn't kick in for about 6 weeks with this one and with my first (both girls, no sickness with my son). Other symptoms like tiredness and mood swings didn't start until later too.
I was more crabby than usual. Knew then that something was up. The abnormal period threw me off.
My boobs hurt so bad, they were a lot bigger than just period swelling, There are 3 freckles on my face and they got darker (looked it up and thats a sign) and I had a great sence of smell right away! 
i noticed that my boobs got bigger and very sore and that i was eating more then i usually did..and started too have bad morning sickness and it sucked...and stayed alot more tired then usual...
With my daughter I was not trying to get pregnant but I have always had a very regular period. And it was a day late and I just knew I was pregnant, went to the store got a test and I was. I cried because I was scared, I love her so much now. With my son we were trying for a couple of months and in June I thought I was but I fell off a horse and needed x-rays so they ran a pt and I was not. Then the next month I did not expect to get pregnant because I was so sore from falling off then it got really hot my husband and I only had sex once, well that was all it took!  I never got sore boobs, I did get really tired, with my daughter I could barely function.

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