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what will happen?? i need advice asap!

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i went to the er about a week ago because i had a lot of pain and i was diagnosed with ovarian cyst! they referred me to a ob gyn and they haven't gave me an appointment and i'm still having alot pain no painkillers help take the pain away i am trying my very best to wait for them to call! now my question is what would the er do if i go back? will i have surgery or will they just give me pain medication? i don't really want to go back it was about 12 hour wait in the er but if i have surgery for this pain im willing to go back but i don't know what to do. i need some advice please!! im having alot of pain!

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You need to make an appointment with an ob/gyn, especially if the cyst is causing you pain. I have one that was just detected during my antomy scan for this pregnancy. I had no idea it was there and the technician was surprised. I have no pain whatsoever. I'll be talking about it with my doctor when I see her this Friday. I'm not concerned about it since I'm not having any pain and they often go away by themselves. But, if you're in a lot of pain you may need surgery. So call the doctor the ER referred you to and make an appointment ASAP. It's certainly a lot cheaper than going to the ER!
Why are you waiting to call the OBGYN?  The ER isn't going to do it for you, and I seriously doubt they contacted the OBGYN to tell them to contact you.  They don't have that kind of time!  You need to call the OBGYN yourself to make the appointment - and make sure when you do that you make sure they're a preferred provider for your insurance! I wouldn't return to the ER; they're not going to be able to do anything more for you than they already did.  Call the OBGYN and try to get in immediately.  Most doctors hold appointments open every day for emergencies, and if you're in serious pain, it's an emergency, even if you are a new patient.  Good luck, and feel better.  I had a coworker many years ago who had an ovarian cyst.  As far as I know, they never operated, but she did have seriously painful cramps with every period. 
I did some more research on ovarian cysts last night because I was curious about my own situation. One thing I read was that if you are having pain you should see your doctor immediately. Pain especially severe pain can be a sign that the cyst is growing and may rupture, which could cause internal bleeding. Pain is a normal side effect of ovarian cysts but you need to be seen immediately so that your doctor can determine what kind of cyst you have (there are some that are a sign of cancer) and so that it can be monitored because sometimes surgical procedures are necessary.Call the doctor and get an appointment right away.
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