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So I received my last period March 19 and I was supposed to start April 16. I have regular periods because my birth control regulates it to 28 days ever month. I have been taking birth control for 6 years now and I have never missed a period. I am pretty positive my husband and I had sex almost every day I was fertile because it was right around my 21st birthday and we did a lot of going on and celebrating. We aren't trying to get pregnant obviously because I've been taking birthday control but wouldn't be torn up about it if I was. We have been married for 3 years and it's about time. Anyway, April 16 rolls around and I haven't started my period, usually it starts in the morning. The 18 I decided to take a take home pregnancy test and it came back negative. So the 19, since it took the other one late at night, I used the other one for my morning pee and it also came back negative. So I called my doctor and told them about my irregularity I've been having and they wanted to see me right away for a blood pregnancy test on the 20. I went in at 730 in the morning and got to work and had spotting around 10 am. Around 2 the doctors office called to let me know that it came back negative. IDK what is going on with me because I was SURE I was pregnant. I have been having nausea throughout the day, my breasts don't hurt but my nipples have gotten bigger and have bumps (they also feel a little waxy... :S), I have had headaches off and on (which isn't normal), and I have been extremely tired everyday specially once it gets around 2 oclock. If anyone has any advice or what they think is going on please let me know. Thank in advance! :) Oh and sorry for the novel...

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If the blood test was negative, you are not pregnant. Blood tests can detect extremely low levels of hcg so they are very accurate. Hormonal fluctuations are normal, and after years of using one type of hormonal birth control it's possible for the body to adjust to the hormone levels. The symptoms you described are normal for pregnancy, but they don't generally start happening until around 6 weeks at the earliest for most women. It's more likely that they have been caused by you thinking you were pregnant.

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