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What is your take on having older siblings watch a home birth?

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DH and I are planning a pregnancy. We have talked about possibly doing a home birth. My older children from a previous relationship are 5 and 8, both girls, and I'm not sure if it would be inappropriate for them to witness the birth, or if I should plan on a sitter. What are your opinions?

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Home births scare me. I know that the majority of the time, everything goes well. But, the possibility of problems is too much for me to risk it. If something goes wrong, I want to be in a hospital where my doctor can help.As far as having older siblings attend goes, it's probably not something I would do. I want to be able to focus on myself and the things I need to do during labor, not worrying about wha tmy kids are doing, answering their questions, etc.
When i was 8 i was present when my mother gave birth to my sister. This was at a hospital but its something i would have rather not seen, plus my angry (understandably) mother was kind of not very nice to be around. Id say get a babysitter, even if the babysitter stays at the house with you.
like V said, home births scare me too. as for letting your children be present....i don't think it's such a bright idea. that could be a traumatic experience for a 5 year old. maybe not so much for an 8 year old, but honestly speaking, i think it would be in their best interest (as well as your's) to get a sitter. i was 9 when i watched my mother give birth to my little brother, and it scared the shit out of me. i understood what was happening, but could not under any circumstances understood why my mother insisted that i watch.
Thank you all for your opinions, I honestly had not made a decision, as we are not pregnant yet anyway, however, I feel like I am leaning more towards the hospital, no children present, birth. I think in theory, a home birth sounds appealing, but as it was mentioned, many things can go wrong, and I am not willing to be the one it happens to, also I have mild anxiety, so I need immediate access to professionals.

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