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whats branxton hicks??

3 answers
i hear alot of this braxton hicks thing idk im new to all this im having my first bby just wondering wat all this is, its really new to me...

answers (3)

It is the practice contractions you get before you go into labor. They say they don't hurt but I think they can.
Mommyofzoo is right, they can also feel very uncomfortable with out pain, i only had a few of them..
ive been having a few a few times a day for the past few weeks.. ill be 36 wks on just feels like ur stomach gets really hard for a min or less then it goes away..if ur having then and they begin to come every hr or so call ur doc just incase..also i google what the mucous plug looks like, and i recommend it..its nasty but i wanted to know what to expect, if i saw that thing come outta me and didnt know what the heck it was i would freak hope this helps

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