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whats the easiest way to get pregnant, FAST???

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have sex during your ovulation times....? LOL Sorta confused since your other post asked how to convince your husband to have a baby...haha
I agree with cresteds...Here's the bottom line: If your husband doesn't think he's ready for children getting yourself pregnant isn't going to make him more ready, it's just going to freak him out. It's not going to make your relationship better and it has the huge potential to make it worse. WAIT UNTIL HE'S READY!
Have sex when your ovulating.
I agree that if your husband isn't ready or willing to have a baby, getting pregnant is a really bad idea and will just destroy your relationship with him.  Please don't get pregnant until your husband is ready to participate in raising a child.
i would google the birds and the bees. it will explain how baby's are made...

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