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What's Going on with me?

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I feel very off lately, I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. Last week I took two pregnancy test both coming up negitive and then I got my period. For about a month I've been hungrier then normal, cranky, moody, tired, cramping, and having pain in my lower back also my brests get pain every now and then and look a bit darker both myself and my boyfriend think they look bigger too. I'm even getting headache's, and am feeling nausea. I haven't been able to get to a doctor yet but I'd like some opions first. There are a few people saying they think I am pregnant and I want to be but I don't want to make myself have the symptoms. I just don't know.

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If you got your period, you can almost guarantee that you are not pregnant. If you are wanting or get pregnant it is very possible for your mind to create the common symptoms in your body. It's also possible for things like stress to cause hormonal fluctuations which can also cause pregnancy-type symptoms.

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