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Whats a good age to start potty training?

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My son just turned 2 years old. He gives hints like he says baño (bathroom in Spanish) he knows its to go pee. But refuses to pee or poop. But loves to shower. I think he is ready but scared what tips can you give me? I am a first time at potty training and expecting my second!

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My daughter was scared of the potty. She knew what she had to do and would sit on the potty and pretend that she had to go but if she really had to go she would ask for a diaper. It is not about age it is about when you kid is ready and I know the feeling that you kid is never going to be ready. What worked for my daughter was giving her stickers and putting a big poster board on the wall she could display them on. It showed her progress and she could show it to who ever visited.When your son wakes up in the morning have him sit on the potty and after naps. Have him sit on it before a bath or shower and run the water a little to help get feeling going.Do not pressure him too much about it because that just stress them out. Once my daughter went a couple of times it became fun and she realized it was okay.I would not try pull ups because to most they feel like a diaper. And a lot of my friends with boys say that even undies are a little too tight and make it harder for them to know. Most had luck with letting their boys go nude or camando. (when at home of course)

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