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Whats my real due date, Can anyone help me???

2 answers
My ob has given me many diferent dates and i cant figur out which one is right. First she said januaye 14th then it changed to febuary 1st then to febuary 4th but they say im 29 week along. i dont know what one to go by im afraid im going to go into laybor and not have all the stuff i need for my baby or not have my things packed and ready to go to the hospital when the time comes. can anyone help me please??? im only 18 and this is my first child!!!

answers (2)

If you're 29 weeks I would use the Feb. 4 due date. Dates can change and aren't really set in stone unless you have an ultrasound before 12 weeks. In the first trimester babies are all pretty much the same size at sepcific ages, so it's very easy to tell the age and give an accurate due date. Going by a woman's last period is a little less accurate for a lot of reasons. If you're 29 weeks you still have about 11 weeks to go, which gives you plenty of time to get everything together, so don't worry. I'm almost 36 weeks along with my 3rd baby and we finally just got all the clothes we need for her first few months. There's no need to rush, just make a list of the things you need and figure out how can fit them into your budget. You've still got about 3 months to go, that's a long time!
What did the ultrasound say? I would think the first date you were given would be one given to you based off your LMP but not every woman ovulates on the same schedule.

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