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Whats the right age?

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My son is almost 9 months and we are now trying to get him to drink his formula out of his sippy cup.(not working yet lol) When should I introduce milk to him? and it has to be whole or 2% right?

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Milk should not be started until 12 months. It's really important to wait until then because a babys system can't handle the milk until then, and it can cause serious problems such as internal bleeding ( if I remember right) and a dairy allergy. Talk to your peditrition before you switch. At 12 months they should be drinking whole milk until their second birthday.
Whole milk should be introduced at one year, not before.  There are several reasons for this, but one of the most important is because right now, Bentley (it's Bentley, right?) is getting a lot of his nutrition from the formula.  You don't want to replace the formula with something less nutritious until he's getting more of a balanced diet.  By one year, you'll have been giving Bentley veggies, fruits, proteins, and starches enough that he won't need to rely on the milk so much. Another reason to hold back on the milk is the chance of triggering a lactose intolerance.  You should already have introduced cheese and yogurt to him.  These products have less lactose than straight-up milk, so they're a good indicator of whether or not you can expect problems with milk, and they're safe to introduce to kids below one year.  But milk is the big one, and more kids are developing the intolerance these days (and I'm sure there's a thousand random reasons why, none of which are important to you right now).  Congrats on trying the switch to sippys.  It'll start working as soon as Bentley gets used to the new way of drinking.  You may want to try switching up sippy styles as well; some kids definitely have a preference.  My son likes the kind with straws; he never cared for the other style at all.  Unfortunately, I'd already spent a good $25 on sippies before I figured that out! Good luck!
im pretty sure its 1% once he turns 1yrs old..try several diff sippie cups he will eventually start to like it
As the other posts mentioned, don't start cows milk until he is 1 year old.  It should be whole milk though.  Babies need the extra fat to help with their growth and development.  You can switch to reduced fat milk after he turns 2.
Start whole milk at 12 months, or you can switch to a toddler formula. I still have my almost 3 year old daughter on whole milk. She's skinny and whole milk is 3% milk fat vs. 2%, which isn't enough of a difference for us to worry about. My husband and I even use the whole milk.You'll need to give your son multivitamins and DHA once you switch to cow's milk to make sure he continues to get the same nutrition.
Thanks everyone, Yes we call him Bentley but his first name is Mark(fathers choice, named after his dad-----cant stand it) yeah my son doesnt care for the soft oval shaped sippys, we might try the straw ones or the hard tops do those work well?
My kids hated the hard spout sippys, they definitely like the straw cups better. The main reason they prefer the straws is because they don't like tipping the cups, especially when they're watching cartoons. But all kids are different. Maybe buy one of each to see which one your son likes best.
I have always done the switch (from bottle to cup) around the same time I switch to whole milk. around 1 year.There are SOOOOO many sippy cups to try if you have friends with kids maybe they have a couple different kinds that you can borrow one of each to see which one he prefers before you spend a bunch of money :) Good luck
This is the only cup my daughter would use at first. I breastfed but she would take a bottle now and then. I tried almost every other type and she hated having to really work for it. These are sort of like a bottle and they do tend to leak after being used a lot. You can switch to the hard ones that are the same shape but hard. They leak from the start though. Here is the link daughter also after talking to her doctor got milk around 10 months. I had just started working and was only working 4-5 hours and did not really have enough time to pump so was not getting enough milk. I asked the dr if I should go to formula or if a cup of whole milk would be fine and she said a cup is fine, but no more. But I would talk to your doctor. We have no food allergies in the family so that was not as big a worry and she had done fine with other dairy products.

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