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Whats some good breakfast foods that 8 month olds will eat.

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My daughter loves fruits but shes 8 months so I can't give her much but she won't eat baby food or baby cereal so I have to try to give her big girl food.

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Oatmeal, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns. She might be able to feed herself cereals like Cheerios depending onhow many teeth she has. You could also try the pouches of baby food. There are a few different brands that make them and they're all organic. You can find them at Babies/Toys R Us and Target. They're still baby food but if your daughter is wanting to be more independent she may enjoy "drinking" it through a pouch. My kids love them and they aren't messy.When Audrey was about 7 months old she refused to let me feed her. She didn't have many teeth so there weren't a lot of options for real food. Basically, the problem was that she just wanted to feed herself. So I would cut up soft fruits or steam fruits and vegetables. I gave them to her in bite sized pieces and she loved feeding herself. She also ate a lot of organic snack type foods, cereals, infant crackers and cookies, anything that was soft or that dissolved easily in her mouth.
Keep in mind that the concept of what makes a food appropriate for breakfast isn't really ingrained in an 8-month old.  If all she wants to eat is sweet pototatoes or broccoli - then feed her sweet potatoes and broccoli for breakfast!  Who cares if it's not "breakfast food"?  It's good for her and she's eating it!
Bentley love rasberries,blueberries,mango with a lil bit of banana and mixed with oatmeal, sometimes we will do peaches, strawberries,yogurt just to mix it up, i make his food its really easy

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