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whats some things to induce labor im 9 months pregnant

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I want my baby right now and I need to induce my labor.

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The only surefire way to induce labor is through medical intervention: everything else is just old wives' tales which may or may not work for you.  If your doctor isn't willing to actually induce labor, it's probably best that you wait - after all, in most cases, the baby isn't going to move until he or she is ready to do so. That said, the things I've heard for inducing labor include spicy foods, walking and having sex.  There's apparently a cupcake place that sells a lemon cupcake that's been known to cause labor in pregnant women who are already about to pop, so you could always try a lemon cupcake - if nothing else, at least it'll taste good!
I tried every old wives tale in the book with my first, and none worked. The only one I did not try was drinking castor oil. I didn't wanna poo all over everyone!Walking, doing stairs, having sex (make sure your SO ejaculates inside you) nipple stimulation, driving over bumpy roads, eating spicy food. None worked. In the end the baby will come when it's ready. Why rush nature?
I was 15 days late with my first and had to be induced and 10 days late with my second... they come when they are ready. I did try all the "natural" labor inducing remedies with both and nothing seemed to work.  I know it seems like forever, but cresteds is correct, why rush nature?  They will come when they are ready or if you are past due, your dr/midwife will discuss plan to induce baby.  Good luck, they are worth the wait!  =)
Natural ways to stimulate labor will only work if your body and baby are ready. If they aren't and you go past your due date your doctor will likely medically induce you using pitocin. And, unless you are at least 38 weeks you shouldn't try to stimulate labor. You want to give your baby as much time inside as you can safely.If you are 39 or 40 weeks along you can try walking, especially up ad down stairs; eating fresh pineapple or spicy foods; having sex; using acupressure points; nipple stimulation; etc. But as I said, none of them will work if your body isn't ready. So just relax and let nature take its course.
With my daughter my husband and I had sex and the next day my water broke and she was born 10 dayd early. So with my son we tried that did not work. I ate a whole pineapple still no baby. Walked everywhere and ate some spicey food nothing. He did arrive 3 days early when I had given up hope of him coming early.
Just like they said don't rush it the baby will come when he or she wants. sex,spicy food,acupressure points,nipple stimulation,walking,castor oil, all are supposed to help.

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