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what's wrong with me? could I be?

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I'm normally irregular. Once of twice a year. But then it came on time for 2 months straight. This month it came almost 2 weeks late and I'm just light spotting. Just using panty liners. It's normally heavy but this one is just weird to me. Help please.

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I seems to have a lot of the symptoms but it's hard to tell. I just found out I was pregnant. I had tiredness, sore breasts to the point where it hurts to lay down and a little back pain and mood swings. Thinking you should go to the doctors just to check tho. Wish you luck with everything :)
I just found out I was pregnant and surprisingly I didn't have sex when ovulating. I had sex the whole fertile week before ovulation and it definitely worked. Since it takes 12 or more hours for the sperm to reach yours tubes where the egg is gonna come out plus sperm lives up to 5 days in Ur vagin. So I'd recommend that... Best of luck :)

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