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I know once I ask this many people will just say that I should take a test or go to my doctor or something and I am planning on doing this in a few days but I"m just wondering your opinions. So. This is what's been going on. I haven't always had regular periods, like many teenagers, but the past year or so they have always been at the beginning of the month usually the 7th giver or take a few days. Then in December I did not get my period until approximately the 20th. I took two pregnancy test in between the 7th and 20th and both were negative. It is now Feb 11th and I have no had another period since. I have been sort of nauseous the past week or so and for the past two weeks I've had a runny/stuffy nose, which I have read is often an overlooked pregnancy symptom. I have thrown up a few times in the past week but it is not a constant thing. Tiredness has also been an issue. I can not seem to find a right amount of sleep. I've tried sleeping less at night and more than usual other nights, same results. I know that it is possible that I am just sick and it is making my period go out of wack but I'm just curious if this is something you guys think I should be thinking this is possible? I am 19 years old also, just in case that matters to any of you or your theories. :)

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sounds like your pregnant. take another test, and if it comes back negative, go to your doctor. some women need a blood test to confirm. that was the case with me.
There are all sorts of things that can cause both your symptoms and your missing period. Take another pregnancy test and/or see your doctor.
Well update: I have now taken a total of 3 test and all of them have turned up negative.  I have been, for the past month or so, been treating my diet and such like I am pregnant just in case, but otherwise I am not going to do anything until probably the end of the month.  If I have still not had my period I will go to the doctors.

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