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when is the best time to have another baby..?

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Im only 19 years old and already have a 2 year old im marriied to a wonderfull man and im in a good financial status....I did online high school so i wouldnt have to leave my daughter with other people and finally graduated a few months ago...!! Im really excited that shes already going to start head start and im going to start college next year...!! But theres something that has been going thru my head... My sister in law just had a baby and his little sister hangs out a lot with my daughter... Soo now my daughter keeps telling me how bad she wants a brother or sister and i see how lonely she feels in our apartment... But i dnt want to be 20 with 2 kids already ....!!! But i feel bad for her...!! I would like to have another baby but its just im soo young.. I need advise from you ladys sadly i have no one to ask advise to my mom tells me to go ahead that im married already that who cares but i dont know...!!

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I wouldn't recommend having a second child while in college - and I definitely wouldn't have a second child just because your 2-year-old daughter says she wants a sibling!  It's great that you're financially stable and in a stable relationship - those are definitely good places to start.  It's your plans for college that give me pause.  I remember college.  College was HARD.  The schedule fluxuates and your workload will increase exponentially from high school, online or otherwise.  You remember how hard that first year was, right?  No sleep, no time, half the time you don't even shower.  It's like that in college too, and that's WITHOUT the newborn!  Like you say, you're young.  Your ovaries have loads of time.  I would recommend waiting, at least until you're a few more years into college, before starting on #2.
Having a baby because your 2 year old wants one is the WRONG reason to have one! You're young so you will have plenty of time to have one in the future.  College should be your priority now.But to answer your question... My daughters turned 3 in March.  For the longest time I thought I waited to long and they would be too far apart, but now that baby 2 will be here in 8 weeks I have realized I waited a perfect amount of time because my daughter is old enough to understand and be excited about her sister. You and your husband will make the right decision together for the right reasons... Good luck! 
I am 21 and had my first daughter in high school. I was lucky enough to be going to a private school, where my dean and teachers allowed me to bring her with me. I now have 2 daughters and attend college full time. Let me tell you from experience, two toddlers and two dogs, a house to take care of, college, on top of taking care of your husband is a very stressful, sleepless life. I wouldn't change my life for the world but I can't remember the last time I got more that 4 hours of sleep a night. I have a very supportive fiance' and we are surronded by family but even with help taking a break and getting time for myself is nearly impossible. College takes alot of work, studying and focus which is hard to give when you have little ones who need the same attention. I'm not saying you won't be able to do it, because it is possible but you are setting your self up for a lot of extra stress that may hold you back in the long run. My daughter is asking for a little brother now too. We told her very simply that one day she might get a little brother, but right now we wanted to focus on our girls. She seems to have taken to that idea. 
I had my daughter at 20 years old.  I was in an on again off again relationship with my daughters dad for many years.  During this time I managed to find time to do online college and a job that I could spend most of my time at home with my daughter.  It is possible to have two kids and have a family.  We are all happily back together and I don't regret any of my decisions.  I am planning on getting pregnant again, my life is even more crazy than before, I am finishing college, driving semis in the oil field and caring for my family and my dad who has terminal is possible to have and to enjoy a new addition to the family, there is never a right time to have a child.  Just do what feels natural and right to you...don't let others make your choices for you! good luck :)
I had my daughter when I was going to college full time. If you do decide on having another one when you are in college, look for courses that will work around your doctor's schedule. I'm going for another degree and I am 28 weeks along, so it is possible.Just because your daughter wants a sibling now, are you going to send the sibling away when she no longer wants him? Because if you have a child for her, then she may think you will get rid of him when she doesn't want him anymore. You have to show her that you are the parent and you will have another baby when you want one, not when she does.
Thank you ladys this were all wonderfull advise...!! everythinq said is apresiated..!!
Wait a bit, this is my advice. - Greg, fashion consultant and off the shoulder tops creator.

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