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When is the best time to pierce ears?

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If were speaking of a baby, after they get there first shots not the ones they get in the hospital,  the ones there doctor gives them when there about 2 months ... Theres one that prevents them from getting infected from any kind of rusted metals ext ..!! They need to have that one before you do it. So you should probably ask her doctor to let you know when shes ready...The smaller the baby is the less it hurts them because its still really soft and flexible..!! 
That really depends on you.  I know a lot of moms pierce their daughter's ears when the girls are infants, but if you're going to do that, you're going to have to take responsibility for the upkeep and cleaning while the piercings are healing.  Personally, I think it's better to wait until the girls are older, and can say whether or not they want their ears pierced at all.  (Not all girls do - I didn't.  Still don't.)  Plus, you can use it as a lesson in responsibility, and get the girls themselves to care for their ears as they're healing.  Ultimately, though, it's your choice.  There is no "best" time.  Heck, my mom pierced her ears when she was 46.  She loves them and it wasn't any more painful or exciting than if she'd been 14!
I think as soon as your daughter is old enough to take care of them herself, then do it.  So I would say any where after 8.  Personal opition. 
I'd say after 10 or 13 -- big enough for her to decide if she wants them done and big enough for her to take care of them.
My daughter got hers pierced at 8 months. I always made sure they were clean. If she yanked on them, I knew they were bothering her and would put different ones in. She seemed sensitive to some of the metal ones. Wish they made plastic ones like they did when I was little.Since I took away her choice for her ears, I am giving her the choice about her hair. She is now 19 months and I haven't cut it yet. She will decide on how long or short it is when she wants to.
i had mine done at 3, and my mom told me that she wished she would have waited longer. i'm not going to pierce my daughter's ears until she asks for it. i think it should be the child's decision.
i got my daughters done at 6 weeks, yes you have to take care of them and clean them but she also can't reach up and pull them out. i had no problems with them and she is 6 now.
My 3 year old daughter sucks her fingers, and we have tried everything to break the habbit, eventually I got sick of it and because she always begged to have earrings like Mommy and Bunny(grandma) I told her if she quit sucking her fingers for 4 weeks we would get them pierced. She is working on 2 weeks with out sucking her fingers. We also practice cleaning her ears every night to get her used to what she will have to do when they are pierced. I think it should be a childs choice, hopefully I won't regret letting my 3 year old pierce her ears so early. Ask your peditrtion, my daughters is going to pierce her ears for me at her next check-up.
I'd say when they're little babies, or when they seven or older. I got mine peirced at 8. Try to avoid doing it when the child is a toddler through 5 years old, because they'll tug at it and try to take it out themselves or something.
AAWM, they dont make the plastic ones anymore? Weird...Thank you ladies (and gentlemen if you answered this lol) I know I had mine done at 3. Apparently I chased a girl who had some arond a store and my mom figured heck she wants em then get em done. I guess I freaked out and the gun got stuck in my ear and now my earings hang because of all the tugging. Clivehills, I agree with you that the toddler yrs are the wrong time particularly because of my incident. Ive asked a few friends about this and personally I believe Ive made the decision that once her 6 month shots are done I wanna get em done. I do respect those parents who feel the child should make the decision, however if the she chooses to young Im not sure how well shell keep up with the cleaning and if well be fighting about it. I feel that if shes still a baby, shes less likely to react to the wuick pain it causes and I can care for them properly. My friends have also recommended to opt o get them done at the exact same time therefore they are even and done in one quick step. Sorry it took so long to answer this again like my other post Ive been quite busy! Thanks again you guys!

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